DIY Homework Stations for Small Spaces

August 18, 2020

Back to school sneaks up on us every year, but this year is different. As parents scramble to decide what is best for both their child’s education and health, everyone should be considering the possibility that regardless of what we decide now, we all may be at home again, helping our kids through distance learning.

Do not let the situation take you by surprise this time. It is never too late to pick up your tools and create a well-organized, stylish, dedicated learning space for your kids, or even yourself!

We have put together some great ideas, from money-savers to space-savers, with links that bring you to simple instructions. Now you can build something great, regardless of how much space or money you have to work with.





One of our favorites is the loft bed. If your ceilings are high enough, this is the king of all space savers. While being a wonderful addition to a child’s bedroom, this efficient use of space will also spark your child’s imagination, lending the feel of a special fort, supplying the lucky recipient with not just a dedicated place to learn, but also a fun and inspiring place to play.

For the full instructions on how to build this yourself,





Wall Mounted, Fold-Up, Pallet Desk


Need something that takes up virtually no space and costs next to nothing?

We love this fantastic, wall-mounted, fold-up desk made from an old pallet. Not only are pallets easily found for free, they are a pre-fabricated frame, which means you are practically finished even before you start. For full instructions on how to pull this look together in no time,




Closet Desk


Converting a closet into a workspace is such a great idea, there are literally thousands of great examples online. The hardest part of the process is removing the stuff we all store in our closets and finding somewhere else to put it!

Once you have that empty space, it really is just a matter of

mounting a floating desk and then choosing

from all the styles and ideas available for you.

For instructions on how to mount a floating desk,




An organized, dedicated study space can be a game changer in these challenging times our kids are facing. Give them every advantage you can and do not forget to have fun! Building something is not only a great life lesson, but will also probably fulfill a good amount of math credit!


Thinking bigger?


 Let’s talk about dedicated buildings for learning!

Call us at (386) 763-4190, and tell us your ideas.

We will help you realize your dream!


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