Home Improvement Projects – Knowing When to Call a Professional

June 26, 2020

Most people have been spending an increased amount of time at home recently, and soon after moving our offices, schools, gyms, and entertainment into our own living spaces, the world saw a huge surge in home improvement projects. While homeowners find satisfaction and distraction from finally getting to all those projects they have been putting off, investors scramble to buy stock in Home Depot and Lowes, making the business of renovation, one of the few that has boomed during the COVID crisis.

Although DIY home improvement can often be fun, rewarding, and even beneficial to your mental health, (throwing yourself into a new project is great for managing stress!), it is extremely important to know when to DIY and when to call a professional. Taking on too much, or causing more damage than good, can have the opposite effect; leaving you feeling drained emotionally and financially.

In this article we will go over some important things to consider before starting on some common, home improvement projects.




Call a professional: Windows are a relatively dangerous and complicated task to take on if you are not a professional. Every type of injury, from bodily harm done by sharp glass, to falling from a ladder while attempting installation, should be taken into consideration before embarking upon your own window repairs. Always call a professional first if:

  1. The window is above the first floor.

  2. You have no prior experience working with glass.

  3. The frames are deteriorated.

Give it a Shot: Finding leaks around your windows that need repair? Re-caulking around the window frame is an easy and safe project that anyone with the right equipment and DIY spirit can handle. Changing a broken or cracked pane of glass can be trickier, so make sure to begin by getting all the correct safety gear like goggles and gloves. Remove all the broken glass and, utilizing a heat source like a blow dryer, warm up the old putty in the frame and remove it all. Once your window frame is clean, you can add a new layer of putty, and gently insert the new pane of glass. For a full tutorial, click here.





Call a Professional: Walls can be tricky when they have sustained severe damage that effects the structural stability of the home, or damage from elements that may cause health issues. If you have issues caused by a broken pipe, there may be a good amount of mold developing and the problem might be far greater than it appears. Call in a professional to assess the damage and risks to your respiratory health, before tackling these projects.

Give it a Shot: Ugly wallpaper is a pain to get rid of, but if you are searching for a project that you can safely do yourself and will fill a ton of extra time you might have on your hands, this is it! Get yourself a spray bottle, a scraper and a can-do attitude, and you will be on your way to fresh new walls! For full instructions, click here.



Call a Professional: Everyone knows there is significant risk involved in working with electricity. When it comes to this type of work, it is always better to spend the extra money on hiring a professional. Embarking on a task such as trying to figure out why a certain circuit keeps tripping, is extremely dangerous and should always be done by a professional.


Give it a Shot: It is difficult to find a project that deals with electricity and can be safely done by someone with no experience, but anyone can change out their outlet covers. It just takes a screwdriver and is an inexpensive and easy fix. Another project that is relatively simple and safe is replacing old fuses. Just make sure you turn off all power sources first and click here for full instructions.


In summation, always use common sense and think of your safety first, before embarking on any project. Do your research well, buy the proper equipment, and if you have any doubts, call Paul Culver Construction at (386) 763-4190, or visit our website at https://www.paulculverconstruction.com/.


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