Three Benefits of Building your Office instead of Buying

August 13, 2019


Whether you are new to running your own business or a seasoned veteran, where you put your office, and how you build that space, matters more than you might realize. You want the office space you create to be a sound investment in the future of your business, not a constant drain on your corporate finances.


One of the best ways to make your office a true investment is to build it yourself. You may think it is cheaper and easier to rent your office space but taking a step back can reveal its true costs. Here are three big benefits of building your own office instead of buying it from someone else.


Stop Making Your Landlord Rich

When you rent the space where your business operates, you are making someone rich; but it may not be you. Renting space will make your landlord wealthy, but it will not do much for the future of your business.


By building your own office space, you can avoid the cost of rent, an expense that could harm the profitability of your business and do serious long-term harm. Since you will not have to worry about making rent every month, you can focus on growing your business and pleasing your customers.


Think About the Long Term

Short term thinking is a big problem in the business world, and focusing on the short term could negatively impact your company and its customers. Building a business should not be a short-term project or a way to get rich quick; instead, the business you build should be designed for the long term.


If you want your business to last and provide steady income for yourself and your employees, you need to stop the short term thinking and focus on the long term. By building your own office space, you are making an investment in the future success of your business and creating a stake whose value will only grow over time.


Make it a Business Platform

The building your business occupies is the physical manifestation of your idea and your dream. That space is not just another office building, it is an integral part of your business and your brand.


When you choose to build your space instead of simply buying or renting it, you can realize your vision from the ground up. When you build your own office space, you are free to create a space that can grow with your business, so instead of packing up and moving you can stay where you are and keep serving your clients.


It does not matter what your business does or who its clients are; the space you inhabit is an integral part of your operation. You want your office space to be safe, comfortable and affordable for your growing business, and most of all you want that space to be your own. So, say ‘no’ to renting and ‘yes’ to building! The three benefits outlined above are just the beginning, and you are sure to discover a host of other advantages along the way.



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