How to Find the Right Builder for Your New Building

July 16, 2019


Whether you are starting a brand-new business or expanding an existing enterprise, finding the right space is important. The quality of the space you select will be a direct reflection of your business and your brand and making a mistake could prove quite costly.


There are several things to consider when looking for a new building for your business, but it all starts with choosing the right builder. All builders are not the same, and not all builders are qualified to create commercial spaces. The residential and commercial building industries are quite distinct, and it is important to choose a builder who understands the needs of your business - and your budget. Here are some of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a builder for your commercial space.


Focus on Quality First

If you do not end up with a quality space for your business, nothing else really matters. It does not matter how low the price is - if the building starts falling apart after a few years, it will not be a very good value.


When choosing a builder for your business, always focus on quality first. Learn as much as you can about the builder, talk to current owners and occupants of their properties and check out the reputation of the company. Only once you are satisfied that the builder can deliver what you need should you move forward.


Remember Transparency is Critical

Not all commercial builders are the same, and quality, dedication and workmanship can vary widely. When assessing a potential builder for your business, transparency is the key.


The builder you are considering should be willing to share the information you need to make a decision, including the addresses of current properties and the names of their former clients. If the builder seems reluctant to provide this basic information, that is a big red flag. Other red flags include bad reviews, a poor reputation in the community and current buildings that seem to be in disrepair. If you see any of these warning signs, it is time to move on.


Never Be Afraid to Ask Questions

In business - and in life - the only stupid question is the one you do not ask. If you have a question, do not be afraid to ask the builder. A good builder will be willing to answer any questions you may have, from how much the space will cost to how long it will take to complete.


If you are meeting with a new builder for the first time, you might want to write down your questions first. Coming to the meeting armed with a list of questions can make the selection process easier and help you find the right builder for your new commercial property.


Make Sure Your Communication Styles are in Sync

While the quality of the craftsmanship is the most important consideration, it is not t


he only factor. You will be working closely with the builder you select, and it is important that your communication styles be in sync.


How you communicate will be extremely important as the building process moves forward, so think about the contractor and how they interact with you. Is it easy to ask questions and get them answered? Are you comfortable being around the builder and their crew? These things matter more than you might think, so take your time and make the right decision.


Finding the right space for your business is no easy task, but a good builder can help a lot. Before you can design and build the perfect commercial space, you need to find the perfect builder, and you should take that process very seriously.



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